Monday, September 6, 2010

It was a Perfect Wedding...

…hurry…wait…hurry…meet the caterer, outside ceremony, wind, meet the guests, is it going to rain?, porta-potties, don’t let the kids pee in the forest, pictures taking too long, wind stopped, forgot the bouquet, lost a boutonniere, where’s dad?, is the cake here?, lost keys, found kid, party crashers, sheriff says turn down music, is it going to rain?, we give away our daughter…no wait… I’m not ready, beautiful bride, sunset dance, hundreds of dahlias, stars to dance by, candles lit, lots of love.

It was a perfect wedding.
To my daughter Tyra and my new son Gardner,
May your life together be a perfect as this day:  
Chaos mixed with love 
and of course, a happily ever after ending!


Melissa Gill said...

What a beautiful couple. And a beautiful setting. Is that your view? Wow! Congratulations.

Kate Higgins said...

Thanks Malissa, Yes, this is my view, my backyard. We moved here from Idaho 7 years ago and still can't believe we have Orca whales in our backyard. My daughter said it was the only place to get married. They are a very happy couple and it shows doesn't it?

Dianna said...

That was a perfect wedding! And everything was just lovely!