Thursday, February 11, 2016

My entry for Susanna Hill's "The 1st Annual Valentiny Writing Contest"

Grumpy, Groany, Grouchy, Growl

by Kathleen Higgins 2016

"Go to your room Mikey."

     "You don't love me!" Mikey grouched

"I love you but sometimes that's what mommies do
when they love you."

     Mickey stomped and stormed into his room and slipped
     under the edge of his blue blankety world.

"Hello? Anyone home?"

"Mommy won't let me do what I want to do. Mommy doesn't love me!" groaned Mikey

Daddy swooped under the blue blankety world.

     "Love is a funny thing." Daddy said, "My mommy wouldn't let me do
      what I wanted to do.
      Sometimes I sat in a corner for almost forever. "

"Grandma didn't love you either!" griped Mikey

     "She loved me but sometimes that's what people do
       when they love you"

"I hear voices but I can't see anyone?" 

"Popa slithered under the blue, blankety world."

     "Once my brother sat on my head," Popa said,
     "he wouldn't let me do what I wanted to do "

"That's really mean. He didn't love you." grumbled Mikey.
     "He loved me but sometimes that's what people do 
      when they love you"

"Is your blanket talking, Mikey?"

"Go away, Mommy!" growled Mikey

     "We are discussing love"

          "We are talking about doing things we shouldn't do."

Three cookies silently slid under Mikey's blue blankety world.

Because sometimes that's what Mommies do
when they love you.