Monday, July 30, 2012

A Different Perspective...

Ah, sooo long since I blogged. Sorry about that but this blog is as good as any to start up again. One blog I follow shows the value of a different perspective. A great way to spur bouts of creativity is seeing life through another's eyes, in this case a cat's or rather a kitten's.
The blog is called Housecat Confidential ( and it is written (mostly) from the viewpoint of a kitten named Quill. With a sense of humor and a distinct opinion of what humans are for – servitude – the blog is written for anyone owned by a feline.

This month Meg Hart is concentrating on the Cat-O-Lympics narrated convincingly by a pair of fictitious announcers named Jim and Bob. First round is the Hiding event. My Cedar, a 17lb, Maine Coon, Tuxedo cat is a late entry.

It is said humans once worshiped cats as gods and Cats have never let us forget that fact.
If you have cats or if they have you, you will enjoy Housecat Confidential. Let the games begin!