Thursday, July 16, 2009

Six months is not too long, is it?

Six months later Kate finally blogs.
For someone who has a deep desire to be a writer you would think she’d do it more often.
Ah, writing about myself in third person…weird. Weird is “weird” what happened to ‘i’ before ‘e’?

I wanted to continue this blog about becoming a children’s book illustrator and author, however I found much more interesting blog sites to read. And my hands like to build and draw, as much as write so blogging seemed rather two dimensional and time consuming to blog on a regular basis. I may change my mind.

I read in some blogs that editors and agents like to read the blogs of authors to see if they have a ‘following’ that can be massaged into a ‘promotion vehicle’ for the book the editors and agents might want to sell. I would just prefer to spend my writing on writing my stories rather then attract a following. If someone wants to blog as much as write, I think that’s fine. If someone wants to follow my blog – cool, but it’s not why I do it.

Why do I do it? Because I’m trying to treat children’s book writing as a business and a ‘web presence’ is essential. I started my other web presence (my professional site) but it got detoured. My husband, a technical editor, needed his site done and I needed to learn CS3 Dreamweaver. So I did. A perfect mesh of need and…need. His site is “” if you are interested. Not bad for my first attempt.

My site however sits in Dreamweaver waiting patiently for me to do the things that need to done to “go live”. My grandpa said “You’ll never catch a fish until you get your bait in the water”. My fish are hopefully waiting too. Until then, I have my forum here. Will it be six more months? No, I don’t think so. Stay tuned.