Wednesday, January 18, 2012

An Unhappy Hummingbird

With a snow storm blasting away here in the Northwest corner of the U.S. A couple of my little friends were not happy with all this snow. Luckily I keep the hummingbird feeder full and de-iced. It seems to keep them warm until the stuff melts.
I think this picture needs a caption...
When I go out to feed the birds (and squirrels) in bad weather I can feel hundreds of little eyes watching me. An interesting feeling. My daughter calls me Snow White. My husband says I have animal magnetism.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

My Work-In-Progress progresses...

Someone once said to put your work-in-progess on the back burners and let it simmer. Mine has been simmering now for more than 5 months so I dug deep in my nested computer files and found it. I found several versions of course but I read the last one I worked on. I had prefaced this version with a synopsis and remembered that I had spent the whole night working on it. And hated it.

However after I reread it, I liked my synopsis! I remember tossing the whole thing aside and saying it was drivel and it was a stupid story and no one would read it. Then I reread my first 15 pages of the manuscript and I realized I actually liked this story and I wanted to read more. Surprise, this WIP was OK! It wasn’t drivel after all. I liked my characters. I liked my plot. And the writing wasn't too bad for a 2nd draft.
So now I am re-energized by my own work. Now my work-in-progress is progressing.  (what exactly is 'drivel' anyway?)


Excerpt from "The Emerald Boots" 
a middle-grade work in progress by K.A.Higgins ©2010

“Applause soared up like a mountain from the celebrating crowd on the other side of the woven wicker wall, closely followed by what sounded like a huge dragon belching from somewhere high above her. Jade curled up much tighter into the small storage corner she was hiding in.

Covering her ears and pressing her face firmly against her knees she tried to drown out the noise by chanting in her brain,
This is a good idea
        … this was a good idea… 
             this is not a good idea!

A longer and much louder roaring vibrated the whole basket. The brain chanting abruptly adjusted to; “Eleven-year-olds don’t scream...
         Eleven-year-olds don’t scream…”

KaPoossh-SHHHHHHHHhhh – her whole wicker world tipped and swirled and completely knocked Jade loose.

YES, THEY DO!!!” She screamed and scrambled out of her hiding place smack dab into a pair of solid, green tweed legs.

 “Yes, they do what?” asked a Great And Powerful but familiar voice from above.”


Monday, January 2, 2012

One and only one resolution...

...and don't procrastinate...
My one resolution for 2012 is; 

"Five minutes of writing a day for a year equals a book.

Easy to do, easy to keep and with great results. Thank you Alexandra Sokoloff for that thought.
(PS her books are one)