Friday, September 10, 2010

Fall reminds me of ...

The author, Kirby Larson has a challenge on her blog ( to write a 10-word story. The prompt word this week is 'Fall' (or Autumn). Her 10 word fall story was about saddle shoes. Some of you may wonder what those are.
They were two-toned, leather, tie-up shoes either black and white or brown and tan. Saddle shoes were always too stiff and my mom always bought them at Red Goose (where you got a prize egg!) or at Buster Brown's. I remember the took days to get used to them and they felt big and clunky and clop, clopped when you walked on wood floors. Not at all like my red Keds (see above) those were great shoes, you could run like a horse in them.
I had to wear saddle shoes and a dress to the first day of school. Oh, and an itchy cardigan sweater. I remember thinking it was terribly unfair that boys got to wear pants, jackets and penny loafers. Did you know you can't do cart wheels in a dress, it isn't lady like...just ask Mrs. Wilson my 2nd grade teacher. But you can climb apple trees if no one is looking!


Debbie said...

Oh, my gosh!!! I always wore my black and white saddle oxfords with bobby socks when I was in school. And would you believe the shoe of choice for my daughter was red high-tops Keds?!!! (I also remember the Red Goose prize eggs -- half the fun of having feet is Red Goose shoes!!!")

Kate Higgins said...

It's a small world for small feet :)