Thursday, September 9, 2010

September Starts and so do I...

Some people think the New Year or spring is the time for resolutions and goals but fall has been my favorite time for renewal. It started for me when the kids went back to school and the days ahead were warm and inspiring and least until 3:00pm.
Now I look forward to finishing a few picture books and doing the illustrations. I've got a million ideas for projects, a thousand ideas for more books and holy cats, I won't live for the 478 years it going to take to do them all. We'll see how far I get. What are your goals for fall?
Oh, I forgot, I won something! Go to Holly Schindler's blog and read all about it :
Holly has a Flash Fiction Challenge where she asks for writing prompts and she tries to come up with a 500 word story. She chose my prompts. Hmmm maybe I should use her story and illustrate it? Another thing to add to my lists, stay tuned...

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