Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Wedding Day Forecasts...

My daughter is getting married this Saturday... at our house...outside. The dahlia flowers for the bouquet are late blooming this year (Pike Market here I come)
and I don't think all of our guests know when to take a ferry. I'm trying to remember only do what's important...that the guests are here to see my beautiful daughter not the dust bunnies way under the bed in the guest room.

I do a sun dance everyday. We live in the Pacific Northwest and even though they – the weather forecasters – say it will be can't count on it here. (Kirby, I could use some of that nine million degrees right now!)

Adjust, adapt and keep going in spite of the forecasts and delays.  It's good advice for mothers of the bride, new brides and of course, writers & illustrators.

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Melissa Gill said...

Oh my, I'm impressed that you even have time to write a blog. You must be very organized. Rain or shine, I'm sure it will be beautiful.