Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Picture Books # 6,7,8 and 9

I didn't have much time this week for illustrations so I wrote before I went to bed instead. The stories definitely gave me some interesting dreams!
My PB books are:
"Spilt Milk" about a boy's creative way to clean up spilt milk.
"Asking Directions" about two Fairy Godsisters getting lost.
"Mole-hill Mountain" about a colony of moles who have a mountain building contest.
"Dunderbeck, I Told You, You’d be Sorry" illustrations to an old song great-grandpa taught us.
In progress: "Giggle first, Laugh Last" about funny words.
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Melissa Gill said...

Those are great ideas, and I can't believe you drew those pictures of the fairy godsisters. Awesome.

jeanreagan said...

Two lost Fairy Godmothers--what a hoot! Love the illustration!

Jean Reagan