Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Picture Book Marathon Idea #1

I am impressed that others in the Picture Book Marathoners are also doing a story AND an illustration each day. I’m trying to do the same but I will probably lag by a day or so. A dachshund playing a Didgeridoo is a little harder to create than I expected – actually the story was much easier.

How did I get this idea? I saw a dachshund next door. I wondered what animals did for entertainment besides eat, sleep, lick themselves and...ah...eliminate. Humm...maybe music?

So here is my pitch line for my completed PB story and one rough sketch for picture book #1 (still to come):
Picture Book #1;
'Bandimals'; is about a strange assortment of musical instruments played by a band of even stranger animal musicians who gather for a spontaneous concert in the midnight.
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Will Strong said...

That is one talented dachshund.