Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Catching Up with Picture Books...

I took my days off  and caught up by dreaming my newest PBs...really:

Picture Book # 18: “One Lost Tooth, One Lost Tooth Fairy”: a little girl wakes up to find the tooth fairy sitting on her bed crying because her missing tooth list is… missing!

Picture Book # 20: “Whose Shoes” A toddler's view of the world of grown-ups.

Picture Book # 21: “Pardon Me but Your Tail's in My Way!” A peacocks attempt to view a barnyard concert.

Picture Book # 22: “Achhooooo!” Why we sneeze.

Picture Book # 23: “Storm Boat” A modern day Puget Sound Noah-esque animal rescue story.
Picture Book # 24: “Pigs go to Market” A shopping trip to the Pike Place Market by Rachel the Pig.

Picture Book # 25: “Old is New” Eight children recycle reuse and make do with their old toys.

Picture Book # 26: “Nanny Cat” A first grader and her cat take care of each other.


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