Friday, February 4, 2011

Picture Book Marathon Books 2 and 3...

If I don’t devote at least half a day to this PBM commitment to myself I won’t get it done. When I write and illustrate a picture book the words and pictures bounce back and forth in my head. The pictures inspire the words and the words inspire the pictures. Which comes first; The picture or the words?

Picture book #2; ‘Hoop Games’ How the games that children play today are basically the same as the games children played since 500 BC. A picture book that’s all pictures, no words.

Picture Book #3; “Do You Want Fried Squid with That?" A story about what Pirates do when they lose their Pirate jobs.


Carole Anne Carr said...

That is absolutely lovely!

Melissa Gill said...

Those sound like great PB ideas. Love the pirate and parrot picture.