Saturday, January 5, 2013

Something Creative This Way Comes...

Amazing how creativity can lead you to where you've never been. Three months ago, in order to bring in extra cash in this stressful economy, I (re-)opened my Etsy shop (see the mini store to the right). I really didn't know if my summer brainstorm would be successful but jobs for graphic designers (and illustrators) were few and far between (there are 100 applicants for each one). So I gave it a go with something I knew I could do; create art I like.

Pelican Beakcan Bellycan
Andalusian Horse
Now in the new year I have a retailer interested in possible licensing of an exclusive character, I've produce two custom Flamingo Incognitos! and I'm still surprised that people want my artfully disguised birdies. There really IS a pink Plastic Flamingo in there somewhere (you can just see the tip of it beak in the pelican's a tongue!)

This little shop has caused me to work in my studio more, stimulated my imagination and produced a multitude of great ideas for stories and illustrations. And I am not procrastinating. Or making excuses. Or feeling like my art is 'not good enough'. It wasn't the money (though it didn't hurt), it was supplying something completely different that others truly appreciated and wanted. Wow.

I not trying to please anyone but myself. I don't copy some other character style. It is just me and my imagination and I love it. Now I'm realizing what Mark Twain said years ago, "Do what you love and the money will come"... is true.


Lilly Faye said...

Hello Kate,

I'm visiting from The Shark's blog. Just wanted to drop by and wave a paw.

Your site is lovely, and I admire your creativity! Best of luck with licensing your flamingo-birdie creatures!
You must be so excited!

Lilly Faye Poodle
A Poodle Looks at Life dot blogspot dot com

angie Brooksby-Arcangioli said...

Hello Kate, hopping over from the Reef. Your transformed flamingos are fantastic. I've never tried Etsy, does it bring in sales?

Donnaeve said...

Very eye catching work, Kate! Visiting from the JR's blog.