Sunday, August 26, 2012

Flamingos with an identity crisis...

Before the transformations
Creativity can strike at anytime. This summer it came in pink. Pink Plastic Flamingos, those kitschy 1950s yard birds. Inspired by the thought that maybe some pink flamingos would like to be different than the big pink flock. Individuals. Unique.

Camo Flamingo
It all started as one of those weird dreams that grab at you at 3 am and start churning away until you have to DO something about them. So I did and now they are for sale to those who always secretly wanted a pink plastic flamingo in their yard. One of my flamingos is totally camouflaged so you really could have one and no one would know it. But somehow I think that goes against having a kitschy, pink flamingo in the first place.

Steampunky Flamingo
To showcase my dream birds, I have just opened a new section of my Etsy shop called: Flamingo Incognito©. Flamingo Incognitos are at heart, plain ol’ 1950’s, kitschy, pink plastic yard birds but I re-invented them with household plastic leftovers, handmade assorted body parts, objects d’art from the studio junk drawer, paint and large doses of imagination. These flamingos make you look twice or maybe three times. Come take a peek and tell me what you think. You never know what will pop up in a creative dream.

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