Monday, October 26, 2015


PiBoIdMo: that means Picture Book Idea Month. Easy, just come up with 30+ new, original, fantastic, picture book ideas. It's not like I have the time. I mean, I'm really busy but I am also very tempted. I imagine at least 7 impossible (to mis-quote Alice in Wonderland) and this will provide a way to log them and maybe just maybe one will eventually become a book. Want to know more? Visit: I already have 3 ideas:

1) A story with frogs in it
2) The theme has to do with brothers
3) The story involves not sleeping

It has been suggested that we don't reveal all in a blog; Idea-ntity theft you know or possibly undead, idea zombies who'll eat your brain and suck those ideas right out of your head...humm...maybe idea number four...

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