Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A Minor Redesign of My Blog or Me?

Did you notice? I did a little redesign of this blog. I was trying to make it a little more ‘me’ and a little less ‘Blogger Design: ‘Rounded Corners’. It took longer than I thought because I found I didn’t really have a clear idea of which me I wanted to show. The trouble was that were infinite images that could be me.

After a little self-searching I realize that there is not one image, illustration or design that is the real ‘me’.
Today I might feel childlike adventuresome or shy. I might have loads of self-confidence or feel like gnome (I kind of look like one). I might be a subtle pastel or vibrant sunset.

So I decided the safest route to the blog redesign was to match-up my blog header with my web page background (http://www.cedarmoonstudio.com).

Now when someone reads my blog they will hear a little bit of me in every entry and when they link to my website, they will see a little of me in every picture there. However this blog and the CedarMoon web page are still very much works in progress with many more illustrations, ideas and stories and yes, redesigns to come.

Oh, I guess that is the real me!A work in progress with more illustrations, ideas, stories and redesigns to come.

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