Sunday, October 3, 2010

How not to be creative – an internal perspective

I used to think that I absolutely positively had to get my chores done before I was allowed to do anything I wanted to do. That’s what I had always been told and I believed it because I was a kid. But now as a grown-up I realize that although it’s a fairly good lesson to teach children, it can become a crutch later in life.
It can become a reason not to do art, or to write or to daydream.
You know those internal dialogs that insist that:
a) I can’t work on a drawing until I finish cleaning the floor, the dishes, the kids, the top of the bookcase, the cat....
b) I can’t sit down and write while the laundry piles up or the shopping need to be done.
c) I shouldn’t be daydreaming a picture book when weeds need to be pulled.
d) I’ve got to answer that email (oh, look at that youtube video – isn’t that cute!).
e) Etc. and so on...fill in the blanks.
What excuses do you use to NOT to make art?


Richard Jesse Watson said...

It seems like life conspires to drag us outside and hold us at bay, keeping us from art. But it is a passion and obsession, so I mosey on into my studio and just stick my head in any bucket and start doodling or painting. I can't help myself. I think when the creative energy is too great, you just have to do anything to vent or find some catharsis.

Melissa Gill said...

That mouse is so stinkin' cute. I wish I could draw.

I was taught chores before play (which for me was usually something creative.) But since I grew up, moved out, and decided to become a totally self-indulgent adult with no husband and no kids, I pretty much do what I want. And yes that includes picking my underwear straight out of the dryer everyday, until I have to put in another load (which could be a week later). So...

What hold me back is self doubt. That's what stops me in my tracks.

Jessie Oliveros said...

It's definitely easy to find other things that "need" to be done before writing. Then again, my house is usually messy at the expense of writing.

I like your mouse!