Saturday, October 23, 2010

Creative Thinking…

Teaching creativity is teaching the brain to think differently. Following ‘the straight and narrow’ path leads straight to tunnel vision in the creative world. Psychologist say to broaden your horizons and to promote creativity you must widen your path laterally. That works well for some problem solving and helps in creating empathy for other points of view. However, to really expand your creativity you need to think spherically.

What is linear, lateral and spherical thinking? Well, imagine driving your car home; you have a road ahead runs in a familiar even line. It is the linear path – straight and narrow, linear thinking. You may see some side roads along the way that you’ve never taken before; side roads that basically go in the generally the same direction as the original straight line but hey curve and meander a bit, these side roads can become your alternate path. The side roads give you a new and different path that can get you to the same place – home. This is lateral thinking.

Now imagine you are in an airplane, not only do you have to deal with what is straight in front and in back of you but also what’s side to side: the lateral view. But being in an airplane also means you must pay attention to the air that surrounds you in every direction: the spherical view. Behold, spherical thinking!

Try thinking spherically and you will likely experience a global perspective both in your art and in your life…unless you happen to be a gerbil.


Melissa Gill said...

I really like this idea of thinking spherically. Actually the rodent in ball is a pretty good example of this. When I put my mice in their balls they zoom around all over the place. They even bump right into the cat without fear.

Kate Higgins said...

I love that they bump into the cat without fear. Maybe that's a metaphor. If we think spherically things don't look or feel as scary.

Oh, and I forgot to tell you; the recipe for severed lady fingers is in the new Halloween issue of Martha Stewart's mag. Only you can make them with biscuit dough from a can :). The fingernails are sliced almonds, paint them red after baking.