Thursday, January 14, 2010

I’m all ablog with IDEAS, but...

...apparently I can’t keep up.

My New Year’s Resolutions went out with the tide, flushed away in the things I need to do and want to do. I resolved to eat better not more – 'more' won out at my husband’s birthday party. I resolved to watch my weight…I watched it go up this week. I resolved to communicate with those I have lost connection with…I lost their email addresses. I resolved to finally get my website up. It still sits in all it’s glory…on my computer waiting for a hall pass to the Internet. I vowed to query, I'm still researching.

I resolved to put away my boxes of Christmas stuff before mid-January. (Cedar, my Maine Coon kitten-cat, helped sort them). The boxes are still sitting on the deck in a Pacific Northwest monsoon waiting to be re-deposited in my under house crawl space – currently inhabited by a ghost rat who leaves corporeal evidence of his hauntings.

I vowed to keep up my blog. I didn’t. So much for resolution #6. Tomorrow is another day. Is anyone reading this anyway?

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sylvia said...

(hey, I'm peeking in now so I hope you keep writing)