Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Cheap Thrills...

My husband and I started calling the small things that delight us "cheap thrills". A blog I read by Kirby Larson mentioning riches beyond imagination. Her blog note made me remember when we would find these "cheap thrills" daily. Then kids and mortgages and life kind of buried the simple ritual of naming the cheap thrill when we saw it.

My favorite riches from the sea are a perfect Moonsnail shell or 'sea china", blue and white pieces of old china plates polished into satin jewels. Some of my cheap thrills include watching cream swirl in fresh coffee, standing in sunshine in the rain with your face to the sun and a rainbow to your back and finding a PURPLE sea star. Of course my favorite is a sleeping kitten in the warm fresh laundry basket.

Today's project during my 'drawing time' will be to draw a few old "cheap thrills". Be sure to treasure yours.

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