Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Hippo Pool and Ideas

I love this National Geo link: Hippo Pool. There is always a story – now I have to figure out what the story is.

I keep a note book (several actually) where I quickly scribble down thoughts and sketches and ideas that jump out at me at the strangest times. I learned long ago that the fleeting ideas don't always seek a permanent residence in my brain so my "I have an idea" notebooks abound.

Get non-spiral notebooks with spines you can write on otherwise you spend time going through pages and pages of good ideas that you are not looking for. Label with the date and a few keywords and try to leave a page near the front to list some of the ideas entered. I'm not suggesting an index, that is far too left brain for me but a tantalizing hint of what's inside is usually just enough to find what I'm looking for...usually.


suzanna leigh said...

I date my scribbles in my notebooks/sketch books. I have a page at the front--or the back--where I list the ideas I want to get back to by date.

MG Higgins said...

Ack, your post reminds me that I need to keep a journal handy. I'm always coming up with ideas then forgetting them because I didn't write them down. (I need a waterproof journal for the shower!)