Monday, November 23, 2009

CedarMoon - My Studio!

The Western Washington SCBWI newletter update blog 'Chinook' requested that we illustrators (and authors) share a glimpse of our studios.

So I took a picture that demonstrates at least a portion of where my brain lives when it is not in the real world. CedarMoon Studio (click on picture to see a larger view) is the greatest gift my husband ever gave me besides a wedding ring and our two children (Tyra-29 and Whit-26).

It is my sanctuary, a place where 'I have an idea!' and a place where messes don't count. Ideas ooze from the walls to the point where it's hard for me to choose which realm I want to visit each day. Here I keep snippets and shavings and sprinklings of inspiration all around me – my own personal cabinet of curiosities.

Welcome to my world, take a peek around. Magic is where you make it happen.

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