Monday, January 10, 2011

Rain, Rain and no excuse...

 ... Not to Work!
Although most people think it rains 365 days a year in the Seattle area. It doesn’t. The weather forecasters have a multitude of words to describe rain. I know because when we moved here seven years ago I wrote them down.

For example did you know there is a difference between: a drizzle and a sprinkle, mist and serious mist, fog and spitting fog, a deluge, a downpour, a shower or a spate of rain? It could be 'pouring wet stuff' or 'puddling up' in the morning with a chance of ‘sun breaks’ in the afternoon. A ‘sun break’ is when it forgets to rain for a few minutes and a big ball of burning gas lights up the sky for about as long as it takes you to drink your double short, nonfat, not too hot, macchiato with whip.

But it doesn’t rain 365 days out of the year. Tonight it’s going to snow…just plain ol' snow.


Fin said...

Mom calls a freezing rain "Slushing" and in the dessert we get a "Car Dirtier"

PS Cedar you can open doors? Kudos!

Melissa Gill said...

Oh wow. I didn't realize it snowed in Seattle. I thought just rain. I don't think I could take the lack of sunlight. I get depressed in the winter when it's always gloomy. But people seem to love Seattle, and it sure looks pretty.