Monday, October 31, 2016

AfTeR TrIcK oR TrEaT!

This is a 100 word, picture book story about Halloween. It was inspired by a draft illustration I did several years ago called "Eyes and a flashlight"
Happy Halloween!
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After Trick or Treat:

I cannot sleep.
The lights went out when the thunder came.
It's not the same bedroom in the dark...
...but I'm not afraid.

I forgot to close my closet door.
Eyes beside my backpack blink.
Something groaned or was it me?
Do trolls like stinky feet?
A ghostly bump sits on my bed...
...but I'm not afraid.

My under-bed-monster has a new address; I don't know where.
I wonder if he still eats toes?
Spiders, extra large, scratch at the moonlit windowpane...
...but I'm not afraid.

I keep my friendly flashlight handy!
It's not the same bedroom in the light.

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