Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The multicolored path

This blog is for anyone who would like to follow me on the picture book path.
I know this path has twists and turns and trips. It has hills and dips and signs that read, "Watch for falling rocks". But it also has great vistas, wondrous bridges and fascinating side roads.

I may meet wicked witches, gorgons, dragons and ghosts. I may also meet a red queen, mermaids, flying pigs and a man with magic beans.
Orville Pig realizes that balloons
are not a very comfortable idea!

I hope to discover muses and mentors. I am compelled to seek out the end of this multicolored brick road. How scary. How exciting!

I do have a map. A worn and magic map that changes it directions and blurs it borders.
Hey look, there a big X! That must be the spot.
Now all I have to do is find my way.

You are welcome to join with me on this expedition. If you want to.
But please be patient, I fear it may be a long trip.

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